Real Food at a Gas Station? (4 Unexpected Places!)

It used to be that you had to visit a health food store to find real food. However, I am pleased to say that this is no longer the case. Six months ago, I crossed my mind this idea when I was queuing at a local CVS store and saw a full section of Enjoy Life products. Behold, this continued in the most random places: a safe welcome change and a pleasant surprise. Here are four unexpected stores where you can now find real food (and this is not sponsored at all, we just got excited!) …

1- Real Food at CVS

We are big fans of the made in Nature brand (e.g., it seems that others are), so at first, I just noticed this. Then my eyes were attracted by the other sandwiches available … SuperSeedz (I love), Mini skinny cakes (super for lunchboxes or snacks, we like singles) and some new ones (for me), including Nourish Snacks. Oh, and mentioned above Enjoy Life, another favorite! As I personally consider CVS to be known for attracting you to buy extra stuff when you only came for one thing, I was very pleased to see these healthy and healthy options as supplements.

real food offered at CVS

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