Rally over drowned man marred by police clashes

Rally over drowned man marred by police clashes


Media title: Protesters build barricades amid clashes with police

Police in western France have fired tear gas at protesters after a vigil for a man who drowned in the Loire River and turned into violence.

Clashes broke out during a rally over the death of Steve Maia Canicao, who disappeared at a music festival in June.

He was among the 14 revelers who fell into the river in the city of Nantes when the police raided the concert.

The body of the 24-year-old was found in the Loire River on Tuesday, 38 days after his disappearance.

His death has sparked public outcry, with police facing claims that they used excessive force in breaking the night techno event.

An investigation into the death of Mr. Caniao found no link between the raid and its disappearance.

On Saturday, a peaceful tribute to Mr. Caniao took place without incident, but a demonstration that followed became skirmishes between the police and the protesters.

Protesters torched a barricade at the rally

Demonstrators set ablaze a barricade at the rally in Nantes, France

At least 30 people were arrested this morning on the sidelines of the demonstration, according to the French newspaper Ouest-France.

Several hundred people attended the march, which focused on alleged police brutality and cover-ups.

Some protesters, who wore handkerchiefs and masks to cover their faces, erected barricades made of chairs and lit campfires, as shown by images from French television.

Riot police talk to people during a meeting in Nantes about the death of Steve Maia Cacao

Before the protest, authorities closed parts of the city for fear that rioters would stoke the riots.

Protesters in yellow vests, whose sometimes violent demonstrations have harassed the government of French President Emmanuel Macron, had said they would join the march on social media.

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