Mom And Daughter’s 21 Budget Recreations Of Red-Carpet Looks That Completely Nailed It

Probably each and every one of us has looked at glamorous celebrities on the red carpet and wish we could change our outfits for at least a short time. Sounds like some kind of fantasy Cinderella case. Of course, life is far from a fairy tale. Most of us can’t afford thousands of dollars of haute couture from the biggest names in the fashion world. But if we had the mentality and creativity of this amazing mother-daughter duo, dreams could come true in less than 30 minutes. Want to try Chanel or Gucci? Say no more! A talented Turkish mother, Alya Chaglar, and her cheerful daughter Stefani have been recreating the best celebrities with the material they have at hand. And surprisingly, the role or the role of tin can be an amazing alternative to the elegant and expensive fabric with a little DIY magic.

Who got along better?

#1 Beyoncé


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