40 Genius Life Hacks For Everyday Life That Every Person Should Know

Life hacks have become one of the biggest trends on the internet in recent years. What are they, exactly? They’re tricks to make your life easier, whether it’s a matter of saving you time, organizing your house, or salvaging clothes from an ink spill. Most of them are also amazingly cheap, so there are no exclusions for people living on a budget.

There are thousands of blogs, websites, and video tutorials dedicated to sharing amazing life hacks with internet users. Since 2015, there’s even been a TV show on TruTV called Hack My Life, all to share one of the internet’s favorite preoccupations. It’s an amazing way of collecting all the tricks that people all over the world have learned and shared with, well, everyone!

If you love life hacks or want more ways to organize, clean, and save time, read on for 40 amazing life hacks. But even if you’re not up to date with this awesome online trend, you should still glance through these. The 40 life hacks provided are for absolutely everyone. Once you start using some of these, there’s no doubt you’ll ask yourself, “How did I ever live without them?”

1. Use milk to get ink stains out of shirts without a fuss.

There’s no reason that getting an ink stain on your shirt should ruin your day. Just soak the shirt in a bowl or shallow pan filled with milk for about 10 minutes. Then put it in the laundry and run a normal cycle. Just make sure to toss that inky milk down the drain.

2. Use a Xacto knife to resize your shampoo and conditioner bottles.

It’s always annoying when you get down to the end of your shampoo or conditioner and realize the straw — the one that’s supposed to pump the soap up — just doesn’t reach anymore. There’s no need to toss out a bottle that’s still a third full! Just use a Xacto knife to cut the bottle in half, trim the straw, and then slide the two halves together to make a new, smaller bottle.

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